National Collection Of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria
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NCPPB No.  2217, Xylophilus ampelinus
Xylophilus ampelinus (Panagopoulos 1969) Willems et al. 1987
Other name: Xanthomonas ampelina Panagopoulos 1969
Country: Greece
Host: Vitis vinifera var. sultana
Year Added: 1968

Media: SPA
Year isolated: 1866
Isolated by: C.G. Panagopoulos 48
Other collections with
this strain (ref no):
ATCC 33914;CECT 547;CNBP 1192;DSM 3584;ICMP 4298;ICPB XA138;LMG 5857;LMG 5858;LM
Authenticity: the authenticity of this culture has been verified by the NCPPB or by a recognised authority
Type strain of the species: Yes
Pathotype strain: No
NCPPB Recommended?: No
Pathogenicity: the pathogenicity of this culture was confirmed prior to initial freeze drying
Non-indigenous to all the UK: Yes
Non-indigenous to Scotland only: No
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