National Collection Of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria
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NCPPB No.  2991, Rhizobium rhizogenes
Rhizobium rhizogenes (Riker et al. 1930) Young et al 2001
Year Added: 1977

Media: ND
Donated by: ATCC 11325
Isolated by: ex A.J. Riker
Other collections with
this strain (ref no):
ICMP 5794, ATCC 11325, DSMZ 30148, LMG 150, CFBP 2408, CCUG 12534c
Authenticity: the authenticity of this culture has been verified by the NCPPB or by a recognised authority
Type strain of the species: Yes
Pathotype strain: No
NCPPB Recommended?: No
Pathogenicity: the pathogenicity of this culture was confirmed prior to initial freeze drying
Non-indigenous to all the UK: No
Non-indigenous to Scotland only: No
Notes Rhizogenic. The presence of the band representing the virD2 gene and the absence of the band representing the ipt gene as indicated by the Haas et al PCR suggest this is an Ri plasmid carrying strain (NCPPB).
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