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To order strains the NCPPB you must first be registered as a Recipient.
To do this complete and return the New Recipient Application form, which we will keep in our records to verify your signature each time you order a strain from the collection. You will only need to complete the New Recipient Application form once unless your Authorised signature or other details change, in which case you will need to fill out and return a replacement form. The Authorised signature must appear on all subsequent Order Forms.

Once you are registered as a Recipient you may order strains from the NCPPB by completing and returning the Order Form. To save time you can submit your New Recipient Application with your first order.

The New Recipient Application asks you to abide by the terms and conditions in the Material Transfer Agreement and Fera Standard Terms and Conditions.
    Click here to view Material Transfer Agreement
Alternatively hard copies of all the above are available on request.

We aim to have your order in the post within two working days of receipt of your order. Certain strains in the NCPPB will require increased administration; we will inform you of any likely delays on receipt of your order.

Some countries require an Import Permit to accompany the strains. To save time, you are advised to check with your own authorities and submit any necessary paperwork with your order.